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Artikel : “7 habits of extraordinary people”

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Ever wondered how to be as great as Steve Jobbs? Or probably as successful as the cutie pie Taylor Swift? Or wishing secretly to be as magnificent as Agnes Monica?.

Those amazing people are not your usual next-door-type of people. They work hard and they thrive towards whatever highs and lows of every aspects of their life. And yet they somehow still managed to stand up tall.

What’s the secret, you wonder? .

Not all of us are born and granted with such excellencies , but we can still try to be our best in no matter what field we do. And shine with it.

These are some habits that can take us to the “next level” and upgrade ourselves :

1.The habit of awareness

What’s the current situation? What’s the new recent development? What happened to the riot next door? Who on earth is Jokowi? Be aware and realized that knowledge is power and do good with it.

2.The habit of self-investment

Every one who is amazing, do spare some time to broaden their knowledge and expand their horizon. Read books, browsing online, take courses – are some ways to invest ourselves and be prepared with many handful skills that could be handy along the way.

3.The habit of early rising

Yes, we all know there are two types of people. Those who are early rising and those who are late sleepers. Both have its own minus and pluses. But as the phrase says “those who are early catch the worms” – must we keep in mind that those with a great habit of early rising have many head starts than those who don’t.

4.The habit of exercising

With exercise, you keep your mind and body healthy. We often heard “sound mind and sound body” but do not do as we preach. Exercise, even as mere as 10 minutes a day will do wonder to your health and will do better in terms of performance and level of energy.

5.The habit of self-love

Stop worrying about other people and spend some time for yourself. Unplugging, relaxing, having some peace and comfort by yourself. It will give us a peace of mind that we all need to do more tasks and face more challenges.

6.The habit of gratefulness

The first key to happiness is being grateful of what we have and what we have been blessed with. If we keep dwelling with what we don’t have and what others have , it won’t do good for us and will lead us to nowhere. Just be grateful though wishing to be better each and everyday.

7.The habit of relationship

As the research has shown, those who are loner tend to have a shorter age span. Then surround ourselves with as many people as we could. Friends, families, relatives, lovers – those where we can share our comfort and worries and we will have a happier life.

By following these great habits, we will at least be hopeful and preparing to greet our better self. It is better to be happier and reach higher than just sit idle and do nothing.

Just like the philosopher Kahlil Gibran says,”In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed”.

Be happy. Be blessed. Be grateful. And be better.

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Adapted from “7 habits of extraordinary people” by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt, quoted from “Chicago Tribune” (24 Feb 2012)